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Intervention: Confronting the Real Risks of Genetic Engineering and Life on a Biotech Planet

Denise Caruso, a legendary NY Times technology columnist from the 80s and 90s (who recently started a new column at the paper called RE:Framing) and founder of the Hybrid Vigor Institute, isn't so sure about this whole genetic engineering thing. Are industry players moving ahead too quickly, without proper risk assessments? Is something amiss in …

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Untold Stories

Untold Stories is the collected memoirs, diaries, and notes of Alan Bennett, best known as the writer of The Madness of King George and a long-time presence in British theater.

Jesus Land

When it comes to memoirs of abuse and juvenile "behavior modification programs," Julia Scheeres' Jesus Land is the antithesis of Mia Fontaine's Come Back. Mia's memoir has a happy-ending feel to it and provides a mostly positive view of the intensive recovery program she endured as a youth at Spring Creek Lodge and Morava Academy. …

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Edward Hopper

by Carol Troyen, Judith Barter, and Elliot Davis (MFA Publications, 288 pages) - Reviewed by Robert Birnbaum Other than Grant Wood's American Gothic and Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers, there is no American painter whose work is as embedded in this nation's iconography as Edward Hopper. "Nighthawks," "Early Sunday Morning," "Automat" and "New York …

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God is Not Great?

Christopher Hitchens' new one, god is not Great, or however you capitalize it, is, according to the LA Times, "An atheistic rant that is, well, just preaching to the choir." The Washington Post called it "an unrelenting enumeration of religion's sins and wickedness, written with much of the rhetorical pomp and all of the imperial …

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PEN World Voices Audio

Audio from the recent PEN World Voices Festival is now available online... April 24 | Green Thoughts: Writers on the Environment: A reading with Billy Collins, Jonathan Franzen, Moses Isegawa, Pico Iyer, Geert Mak, Marilynne Robinson, Roxana Robinson, Salman Rushdie, Gary Shteyngart, Janne Teller, Colson Whitehead. April 25 | Town Hall Readings: Writing Home: With …

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