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Grammar is overrated > She helped raise my sister and I, and we haven't completely screwed > anything up. Yet. except, perhaps, the english language. peter   RE: Janette Turner whoa, so I've been to the temple that Janette Turner Hospital is talking about a few weeks back. Except that the politicians go to another […]

Konundrum Engine Literary Review

Matt and Robert, Just wanted to let you guys know about the Konundrum Engine Literary Review, an online journal of fiction, poetry and more. We have featured: +Fiction by Lee Klein, Paul Toth, David Barringer, and Stephen Dixon +Poetry by Jon Woodward, Zoe Landale and Oni Buchanan +Interview with Steve Almond, Matthew Derby, and TC

Snark vs. Snork

While skimming through idt just now, I came across the word “snark” more than once. It is important for those readers who aren’t up on the lingo to know that snark means “a system failure” of sorts. Not to be confused with Snork (see illustration), a mildly lovable but nonetheless lame step cousin of the

Comment from Graham Nicholls

Dear Matt, Just came by your site and thought it was excellent, a really refreshing selection of articles and reviews. It's good to see an edge to the work, something that is rare in Britain at present. All the best Graham Nicholls Video and Installation Artist

Back Page: September 2003

NOAM CHOMSKY W. BERNIE DWYER [Bernie Dwyer]...Are you familiar with the case of the five Cuban political prisoners in the US who were incarcerated for fighting against terrorism? [Noam Chomsky] That’s an amazing case! Cuba approached the United States with an offer to cooperate in combating terrorism and, in fact, the FBI sent people to

Back Page: July 2003

Jane Smiley Gwen Glazer cites Robert Birnbaum's interview with Jane Smiley in a review of Smiley's latest book.   CJRS Radio Montreal Nouveau sur le webb demande special accepte   The 19th Floor Hello Bloggers and Tech Heads: Through a stint having my readers guest-blog on my blog, I met Mark Siegel and his

Back Page: June 2003

Field-Tested Books: Summer Reading 2003 Matt, Thought that as a book lover you might find this interesting. For Coudal Partners' "Field-Tested Books: Summer Reading 2003," our 25 contributors reviewed books they read in various locations, some exotic, some mundane. The reviews are sorted by location, i.e. where the books were read, and each one

Back Page: May 2003

United Nations report "confirms"--Fatwa on American Woman Novelist Kola Boof News Release: A report presented on the floor of the United Nations confirms that a "Fatwa" was issued against the life of American writer Kola Boof as early as July of the government of Sudan! To obtain a transcript of the actual United Nations

Back Page: March 2003

Simple salesmanship executed with honesty. By Peter Sills Things are getting interesting. For the first time since this war machine has gotten going I feel like it may stall out. This may just be a misguided observation but it seems to me that the British resolution for demands marks the first break in Tony Blair's

Back Page: February 2003

MAN WOMAN BUTTERFLY ARROW (a dream) by K.D. Bates In my dream there is a Man (he is a man but is also me) he stands by a window in an office looking out on the sea And is so near home, he might walk there for lunch. In this dream, a Butterfly red wings,

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