Scribd + InsideStorytime REVOLUTION

Tonight: InsideStorytime REVOLUTION, 6.30-8.30 pm at San Francisco's Cafe Royale -- an especially delightful venue as the summer solstice draws nigh. Have a drink and listen to a few good yarns in the radiant summer light. Tell us you learned about the event from this blog, and we'll waive the customary $3-$5 cover charge.

The hook tonight is that all our readers have books available on Scribd. (You pronounce it to rhyme with "ad libbed.") Joe Quirk explains the thinking here -- Scribd's new publishing model has the potential to advance the interests of both readers and writers. Perhaps it'll even turn out to be in the interests of publishing companies -- Simon & Schuster plan to make digital editions of about five thousand titles available for purchase on Scribd.

Increasing viral marketing into social networks is the name of the game -- bit of a paradigm shift, but then, until this week, I had my doubts about Twitter.

Reading tonight will be Tamim Ansary, Laura Shumaker, Kemble Scott, Joe Quirk, and InsideStorytime's very own Ransom Stephens -- whose thrilling novel The God Patent has been in the top five of Scribd's most read novels for two weeks and counting.

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