Random Truths About… Grizzly Bear

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1. What's the first piece of music you listened to today?

Shugo Tokumaru

2. What are your vices?

Alcohol and Cock

3. What is one of your prejudices?

Uppity Preggers

4. In what way do you think music has the ability to change the way people live their lives?


5. When you go to the convenience store, what snack do you buy?

Almonds, preferably smoked

6. Do you think that your name is appropriate for you? (If not, what name would be more appropriate?)

No it's not, sadly, but we are stuck with it. Not sure what would be a better name. I'd have to think awhile for it. Naming music is hard and weird.

7. What is the best piece of music you've ever created, in your opinion?

Hmmm, "Colorado" on the new album. It's my favorite.

8. Right now, how are you trying to change yourself?

By being more patient

9. If you had the time, what else would you do?

Spend more time at home with my boyfriend and dog

10. What social cause do you feel the most strongly about (negative or positive)?

Human Rights

11. Do you have nightmares or dreams frequently?

Actually, yes! Tons of nightmares. I guess that makes me "tormented"? Although I feel pretty happy and chill on the day to day. My dreams must be telling me something.

12. What is your favorite joke (tasteful or tasteless)?

I don't particularly think jokes are that funny. Usually spontaneous wit is what makes me laugh. I don't like jokes in the same way I'm not a fan of physical comedy.

13. Who is your favorite author?

Flannery O'Connor

14. What is your favorite movie?

Adventures in Babysitting

15. Favorite album(s) from the last few years?

Hot Chip, "The Warning" Chad VanGaalen, "Infiniheart"

16. What would you like to know more about?

I wish I was better at foreign languages. I'm very ignorant about religion as I avoided it like the plague growing up, so now I feel pretty stupid when it comes to seminal religious figures in history.

17. What is one thing you would like to do/see/accomplish before you die?

I'd like to visit every continent.

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