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Brother Reade
Brother Reade

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1. What's the first piece of music you listened to today?

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below: Outkast.

2. What are your vices?

Bass, Burritos, Boat Shoes. Typefaces. Travel. Mysterious and Beautiful Women. Late '60s Chevrolets.

3. What is one of your prejudices?

Prejudiced against "art" when it takes itself too seriously. Prejudiced against "pop" when it doesn't say shit.

4. In what way do you think music has the ability to change the way people live their lives?

There are certain records that your first encounter with them have a huge impact, and you can look back and see them as huge turning points. When you make music, I think you're always subconsciously striving to pay that debt back to the world, to make somebody coming up after you get that same feeling that you did.

5. At what age did you first feel distrust?

Too hard to say. We both got into punk rock early, but before that had already gotten a heads up from Public Enemy records. By high school we were pretty much incapable of leading a typical lifestyle.

6. Do you think that your name is appropriate for you? (If not, what name would be more appropriate?)

Our name says (for me, Jams) where we've come from. It's about my family, specifically my little brother. 'Rad Dudes' might be more accurate to describe where we're at.

7. What is the best piece of music you've ever created, in your opinion?

That "undeniable, timeless classic" is always lurking just around the corner...

8. Right now, how are you trying to change yourself?

Focus. More and more focus.

9. If you had the time, what else would you do?

Read and write. Collect vintage shades. Habanero Garden. Buenos Aires.

10. What social cause do you feel the most strongly about (negative or positive)?

I know this is obvious, but political leadership in America has gotten really shitty, and people in our generation have a hard time really caring because it doesn't seem like anything we do will make a difference. Changing this is a cause in itself.

11. What are your fears?

I ain't never scared.

12. What is your favorite joke (tasteful or tasteless)?

Two bulls (one big, one little) stand on a hill overlooking a pasture full of cows. Little Bull looks over at the Big Bull, says: "I got an idea, let's run down that hill and fuck one of those cows."

The Big Bull laughs and says: "I got a better idea, let's walk down that hill and fuck all of those cows..."

13. Who is your favorite author?

James Baldwin

14. What is your favorite movie?

Annie Hall

15. Favorite album(s) from the last few years?

Pitbull's El Marielir?t=identitytheor 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000HEW17Y&camp=217145&creative=399349.

16. What would you like to know more about?

Foreign Languages.

17. What is one thing you would like to do/see/accomplish before you die?

Nonstop fun.

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