Random Truths About… Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William

Anna-Lynne Williams
Anna-Lynne Williams

1. What's the first piece of music you listened to today?

Some Joanna Newsom bootleg performances of new material.

2. What are your vices?

Thinking too much about food, emotional outbursts, anxiety.

3. What is one of your prejudices?

I don’t like people whose tastes are too “cool”--about clothes, music, or anything. If you can be so passionate about something that you’re a nerd, then that is infectious. But if you like something just to the point of excluding others, then you suck.

4. In what way do you think music has the ability to change the way people live their lives?

I think people need to hear their feelings and beliefs voiced. And where that so often fails in other arenas, it succeeds uncannily in music. Growing up, I never had a need to wish someone else felt like I did (“if only there was a song about....”). There always was one. Music validates you, and it also leads you to other people like you. I met most of my friends through shared musical interests, even before I wrote my own music.

5. At what age did you first feel distrust?

One summer, when I was probably about 8. My little sister and I would swim and play in our undies on hot days. My parents would sometimes have their friends over, and one night they were all sitting around this conversation pit/rock formation we had in the backyard. At bedtime, we were supposed to ceremoniously kiss everyone good-night on their cheek. I had an Adam & Eve moment that I still remember clearly; I told my sister we had to fold our arms over our bare chests before we made the rounds that night, that it was not appropriate to be nude and kissing these semi-strangers. I think that was the beginning of distrust and a bunch of other adult feelings.

6. Do you think that your name is appropriate for you? (If not, what name would be more appropriate?)

I am still not used to my name. I ask people to say it to me because it is a word rarely spoken. I think it intimidates or confuses people so they always shorten it. Anna-Lynne is not part of the world’s vocabulary.

7. What is the best piece of music you've ever created, in your opinion?

I felt very certain about “Low Point” and “My Hands Up” after I wrote them, which only makes them trickier to perform or record, but writing those two songs was very satisfying.

8. Right now, how are you trying to change yourself?

I want to be dedicated enough to make long written works. With poems and songs, you create the beginning and the end, and then you fill in the middle. A novel is all about the middle. I need to learn more about the middle.

9. If you had the time, what else would you do?

Become a great cook. And I do have time, so I should.

10. What social cause do you feel the most strongly about (negative or positive)?

Vegetarianism. It’s plain and simple and I don’t think people do it to look charitable or cool. It’s something that comes from love.

11. What are your fears?

Going to bed after watching a scary movie alone. Singing out of pitch and not knowing it. Getting old.

12. What is your favorite joke (tasteful or tasteless)?

There must be a cute one about a baby tomato or something, but all I can think of are the naughty ones about penises and child molesters. Jokes are pretty evil.

13. Who is your favorite author?

Proust, but it’s only setting yourself up for disappointment if your favorite author is dead and they only wrote one book that you already read. I’ve read more Murakami than any other author in the last year, a quick and fun body of work.

14. What is your favorite movie?

Buffalo 66

15. Favorite album(s) from the last few years?

Kings of Convenience - Riot on an Empty Streetir?t=identitytheor 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00026W82U&camp=217145&creative=399349

Lisa Germano - Lullaby for Liquid Pig

Bonnie “prince” Billy – Master and Everyone

Interpol - both of their records

Nicolai Dunger - This Cloud is Learning

Hayden - Skyscraper National Park

Radiohead - Kid A

Animal Collective - Feels

16. What would you like to know more about?

How to chill out.

17. What is one thing you would like to do/see/accomplish before you die?

Spend my life with the right person.

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