Project Porchlight Launches In the US!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, state representatives and concerned citizens gathered last Friday to celebrate the Vermont launch of Project Porchlight, an energy-saving initiative that started in Canada a few years ago. So far, Canadian volunteers have delivered more than 1.15 million free CFLs in their neighborhoods, saving more than $40 million in energy costs and decreasing CO2 emissions by about 232,300 tons. The launch marks the first US stop for the organization.

The goal in Vermont is to hand-deliver 36,000 CFLs to local neighborhoods and spread the word about the energy saved by using them. According to Project Porchlight: "Once the Project Porchlight bulbs are in use the collective saving for the residents in the five communities will be about $1.7 million on their electricity bills and about 2000 tons of coal will be prevented from being burned."

*Video from Seven Days.

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