Programming Note: We’re Back

21 years have passed since we published our initial bunch of stories on

(Our first interview was Robert Birnbaum's conversation with cartoonist Ben Katchor in the year 2000.)

One year has passed since we published our last story.

(Jeanne Dickey's "The Rabbit in the Moon" has spent nearly 400 days atop the "New on Identity Theory" section.)

That changes today.

We have a refreshed-but-still-under-construction website--a basic, bloggy interface for now, which we hope will be more Zen, more nimble, and more readable on your phone than any iteration of the site we've out out before. 

We have a year of catching up to do, which means we're looking forward to bringing you the best stories from our extensive backlog of submissions--as well as covering some authors and books that have flown under the radar during the pandemic.

And we finally have an Instagram. (But no TikTok--sorry not sorry.)

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If you, too, are working your way back into the literary life following a long, tough year, we welcome your stories

And if you want to join us, we may have a place for you on our staff.

Or you can just follow along for the ride.

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