Pay Day

"Some people say pay disparities between women and men are an illusion - women just like to choose jobs that pay less because they're not as risky or have shorter hours. But the data don't back up these claims. Even when researchers take into account such factors as part-time work or time out of the work force to care for kids, the numbers show that men make more. Another problem that just won't go away is that so-called "men's jobs" like plumbing, pay more than "women's jobs," like nursing. That tells us something about what we value as a society, and it's not women's work."
-Martha Burk-

Equal Pay Day again is coming up on April 24, the day when women's earnings catch up with what men made by December 31 of the previous year. Read Burk's article "Give Women a Fair Pay Day" for more on the continuing fight for pay equity.

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