Rigoberta Menchu Portrait

Rigoberta Munchu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992. She is a Guatemalan activist for indigenous people. In 1984, she composed her powerful autobiography, I...Rigoberta Menchu.

Allen Ginsberg Portrait

Allen Ginsberg was the loudest voice of the Beat Generation. His controversial "Howl" is one of the most influential American poems since World War II. A Jewish, Homosexual, Tibetan Buddhist, Son-of-an-Insane-Communist, Ginsberg spent his later years teaching at Brooklyn College before his death in 1997.

Carlos Fuentes Portrait

Carlos Fuentes was something of a pilot light for "El Boom," a 1960's burst of Latin-American literature. His work is best described as "magical realism." Fuentes' most popular novel is La muerte de Artemio Cruz (The Death of Artemio Cruz), written in 1962.

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