First of all, I like this [says my email pen pal, K And I tend to I agree]: I guess I'm beginning to accept the idea of trimming down my voices to the ones I like, and I guess I'm beginning to accept the idea of trimming down my voices to the ones I like, […]

Razor Burn

While walking through the park last Sunday afternoon on a casual date with a young woman I recently met, I finally found my match in the weirdness department. Being Sunday, I opted for the ball cap in lieu of a shower and exercised my one-day-option of freedom from shaving my mug. I thought nothing of

Angel’s Left

1 "Doggy, dear," says Kari Moore, "fetch mommy up another ocean." "Make it two," says Deb Trigaboff. "Three," says Marguerite Mauvoisin. "Five," says Tristram le Brun, the wickedest of the wicked wives club. Kari has grounded her stepson Doug—aka Dougie, then Doggy, Mutt and Biatch and variables thereof and beyond as the day grinds on—on

Featured Author: Susannah Breslin

Identity Theory articles: "While You Were Out" | "A Family Portrait" | "Come See Allycin" | "Sex $75" Susannah Breslin was born and raised in Berkeley, California, which, of course, explains it all. A faculty-brat of the highest order, Breslin grew up riding horses, reading of Tove Jansson's Moomins, and avoiding both hippies and feminists.

John Dufresne

John Dufresne

"In America there is a great tradition of Southern literature. It was the literature I loved when I was growing up. It's not why I moved to the South, but it's why I felt at home there, in a way."

Why I Went to Portugal

Katy and Kyle suggested I take language lessons, but I wasn't going to Portugal to talk. I would speak as I ate and slept—not deliberately; indiscriminately and disjointedly; between slugs of fizzy wine and lungfuls of potent Moroccan hashish; almost by accident. Dee, my girlfriend at the time, joked I was off to try my

Christopher Rice

Christopher Rice

"I believe that my material, the material I like to write, would be laughed out of your average writing program. That I would be encouraged or pushed to write something I didn't want to and follow rules that I have made very clear that I will not follow."

Alex Beam

Alex Beam

"I asked myself the question, 'What are my intentions?' I realized my intentions were perfection. I wanted to write a perfect 750-word column. I'm judging what I produced against the ideal possibility of what would have been perfect."

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