Alex Beam

Alex Beam

"I asked myself the question, 'What are my intentions?' I realized my intentions were perfection. I wanted to write a perfect 750-word column. I'm judging what I produced against the ideal possibility of what would have been perfect."

Wit: A Poem

[there’s] something to be said … not much, for the idea that everyone ought to commit suicide once in a while Hayden Carruth Listen to the hiss ­ zigzag aggressions, depression, graphs ­ while calmer heads ­ shake their souls -- stirred in sadness do the best they can? Who wanted to be the kid

Slightly Retarded Bagboy Asking Out Checkout Girl

After she says "sorry, no" to "arcade games and ice cream cones," she only wishes he was smart enough to know how he's hurting himself by asking out someone with early acceptance to Princeton-- how her heart breaks, too, in realizing honesty isn't proportionate to intelligence as she lies about the boyfriend driving up from

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