Ilan Stavans

Ilan Stavans

"This whole issue of Latino, Hispanic or the sub-categories, Cuban-American or Mexican-American announces or establishes that we are so involved in shaping an identity. Using language as a category is a way to say who we are in front of a mirror. But in the end, words are perishable."

Prostitution Must Be Legalized: A Former Sex Worker’s Opinion

Prostitution must be legalized. If a person feels their best career opportunity is in the sex industry, it should be their right to pursue that line of work. Many well-educated, well-intentioned people have told me that it's in a sex worker's best interest for prostitution to be illegal, because legalizing it condones and legitimizes it. …

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CODA: A Poem

The fit seizes me—I drift— tearing sound of shot silk— plosions below. Gray sun changes to pale yellow wash. Milt bops. Duke downshifts. Bessie kneels from midnight to sun        in golden chains. Thin hipped, thin lipped, you come trailing your bluest India, weeping to any night switchman, tickling his crotch— Sex, you sing, is just …

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