The Wild, Wild West Side

Located in the basement of 20 W. 20th Street since 1965, West Side advertises itself as the “friendliest range in town.” It’s also the only range in town.

Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom on Normal

"I tried to write it as I saw it and as I experienced it. The truth is I’d rather not be present in the writing. If I could have figured out a way to write this book so that I wasn’t present, that would have been my preference."

Tim O'Brien author photo

Tim O’Brien

"The things I care about have to do with people making choices and decisions in the context of what’s right and wrong in the world, the political environment around the characters."

The wonders of the daily newspaper

As a grade school kid, one of the few things that I found enjoyable about my ordeal by public education was my introduction to wonders of the daily newspaper. This is a habit I have maintained until only recently—my lapse being another story entirely. The best part of my daily perambulation through this school lesson

Mark Winegardner

Mark Winegardner

"Serious readers—people who are really, really passionate about American fiction or fiction period—are disproportionately story readers. The people who are there for you for your story collections are your real readers."

Jill Bialosky

Jill Bialosky

"I've always struggled with this idea of normalcy, of what is normal. Because I have never felt normal as a human being. So I tend to glamorize people who are more simplistic because I think their encounters in the world might be easier."

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