Frank Conroy

Frank Conroy

"Although everybody says it's all going to hell in a hand basket and American literary culture is all over, really, that's not true. It just looks that way from the outside because popular culture is making so much noise and filling up so much space. But high culture is still there. A good book will still get printed."

On What is Proper

One should enjoy flowers in the company of beauties, get drunk under the moon in the company of charming friends, and enjoy the flight of snow in the company of high-minded scholars. --apocryphal, Chinese Born, bored by conflict taught by degrees to believe we must contend, find some purchase, gain the edge, you put on …

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Nora Okja Keller

Nora Okja Keller

"When I work with a short story, a novel or a column it forces me to follow a thought out. And by following that thought I come to a place that I wouldn't have guessed that I was going. I love that. To me, that's the enjoyment of writing, the process of discovery."

In the Rut

At six a.m., I learned the sun god had traded his golden chariot for a pale green corduroy chair. It was a lazy kind of light that coated the mountain. A light that implied comfort and “just another day,” rather than grandeur and the chokecherries swallowed the indignity. The fir tree, cold and thirsty, narrowed …

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i’ve got logic class

cxk             ive got logic class ,cmxlo     [ sez   old dawg ]    o             sez  old dawg old  ?????            ?          ????  ::_::)864]4 ssubmitted by jim mc curry at carl sandburg college /       butttttt                                      but               but             /    so whut?          =        _    but_         ___  `         ________________            like,     …

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