“The Inferno of James Nachtwey” –March 25, 2003

A few years ago—three to be more exact—I was encountering the usual indignities of a life of freelance writing and was talking with the Boston Globe Arts editor, Scott Powers, about opportunities at that august newspaper. About the same time the renowned photographer James Nachtwey was in town to lecture at the Photographic Resource Center

Erik Larson author photo

Erik Larson

"Where historians go wrong--the professional, academic historians--is that they leave the best stories literally in the footnotes. As if they are too frivolous to tell in the actual body of a text."

TC Boyle

T.C. Boyle

"I write these novels in order to try to understand the world a little better for my own self. And if I help my fans and readers to go along on the journey, that's great."

Will Self author

Will Self

"What would it be like to win at fiction? How can you win at fiction? It's an actual philosophical question. What would it be like to win at fiction?"

Deleted Items (777)

A composite of the 777 e-mails I've deleted in the past few days Dear FIRSTNAME (friend), I know you're very busy so I'm gonna get right to the point. THE INCUMBENT PRESIDENT(CHIEF OLUSEGUN OBASANJO) HAS MAPPED OUT SOME STRATEGY TO USE THE COUNTRY'S PETROLEUM MONEY TO FINANCE HIS CAMPAIGN, HE RAISED THE COST OF PETROLEUM

Back Page: March 2003

Simple salesmanship executed with honesty. By Peter Sills Things are getting interesting. For the first time since this war machine has gotten going I feel like it may stall out. This may just be a misguided observation but it seems to me that the British resolution for demands marks the first break in Tony Blair's

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