Jim Crace

Jim Crace

"What always has interested me is the way that books are different from the writers. When I write a book I always look for that moment where the book abandons me and starts to express a view of its own."

For You: A Poem

dear nobody, I have taken drugs to calm the pale pearl faced woman with red hair that lives inside me my sweet mania (you saw her briefly, fled from her open legs) I had to lure her with the glassy green globes of chloral hydrate, drape her in the dark mourning of depression and as …

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The Jesus Video

Essentially, the Jesus movie consists of nothing more than a pretty-boy Shakespearean with a prominent forehead wandering aimlessly around Israel and muttering half-heartedly about eternity while a bunch of people with disheveled hair act as if they are in awe of his prowess.

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