Nome Sane

Uncle Shelby, Sippy Salvatore, Silent Edgar, Ramos the Bull God, Alejandro the Hammer, Peter the Wolf, The Ghost of Thom Jones, names by which my ilk are known or have been known, all. Name by which I go when I go at night from this place in the hills with my hollow prayer book in …

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Giuseppe the Architect

The spark is a good dog. Giuseppe sucks! It is well trained. It heels. Architects call electricians sparkies, They do what Giuseppe tells them! The wall cannot be broken by a fist. Giuseppe sucks! It is a solid thing. It contains. Architects call bricklayers brickies. They do what Giuseppe tells them! The shower has good …

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Brad Watson

Brad Watson

"I knew how those people were flawed and yet very sweet and kind and generous at the same time. If I have a vision of humanity, it's that. Rarely do you see what you perceive to be pure evil."

Brady Udall

Brady Udall

"I think that's what a lot of people object to in writing programs—a lot of private school kids being shuffled into a graduate program who have never seen anything or done anything."

A Closed Field

Outside, the last sunlight in the world plays in the treetops, turns shimmering leaflets gold. Row upon row of dazzled green cornstalks reach up, blind, into the empty blue sky. A purple strip of road divides us. A shadowy figure, sack over his shoulder, follows his feet along the edge of the ditch. He stops …

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writer Stephen L Carter

Stephen Carter

"If you think of most commercial fiction today, writers very rarely specify the race of the characters unless they are not white. So the default value of characters in a novel is white."

James Gleick

James Gleick

"One of the things that I think about in this book is what happens to people's behavior when they are anonymous online. My view is it gets bad, and deceit becomes the rule, and people get carried away with their ability to hide behind masks."

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