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Grammar is overrated

> She helped raise my sister
and I, and we haven't completely screwed
> anything up. Yet.

except, perhaps, the english language.



RE: Janette Turner

whoa, so I've been to the temple that Janette Turner
Hospital is talking
about a few weeks back. Except that the politicians go to another
close to where i was staying up in northern kerala more nowadays-it's
temple you go to if you want to take over the world and stuff....something

you might know more about if you talked to me more 😉

happy thanksgiving.

the woman not important enough to make the women list.



It's interesting that your scam actually includes a link to
what appears to be a reputable web site.

A little detective work unearths the interesting fact that
the web site below was funded and created by United States charities,
and then left in the hands of apparent thieves and liars for
maintenance, who now use a portion of it for adding so-called
legitimacy to Nigerian Scam Letters.

Look, people are on to this little thing now... the fuckin'
e-mail template you all use to try and bilk banking information
out of unsuspecting U.S. citizens is ancient, and has run its
course. Let's invest some of your scam money into a writer who
can re-craft these scam templates into something more valuable...
something that will make this criminal effort worth your time.

For the sum of $1000 (One Thousand United States Dollars Only),
I will write a scam template letter that will cause people to
vomit cash.

Let me know when I should get started. DO NOT CALL ME, and
your secrecy is of utmost importance.




what does the phrase "sort of" mean? It is used as
a tag to your
website: a literary website, sort of.

-- when did you first hear it?
-- do you notice others using it more (or less) frequently than
-- is the use cited above unique or standard?

I mean nothing by these questions. They are questions, not
or accusations.


Hi Matt,

I trust this finds you well and enjoying Florida. I'm sending
you a link
in case you'd like to link or link to like a
running Iraq war cost with comparisons to budgets, health care,
public housing etc on your site.
All the best,



all the cool kids are doing it


Dear Identity Theoreticians-

just put a link to your web site on my book blog, Quinn Skylark's
BookWatch, and thought you'd like to see my site. I love Identity
Theory and visit the page often.


Dear Matt Borondy!

If all you have byway of a responce to my very sincerely meant
then it's better you remove me proptly from that
so-called list.

M. Conley



I am creating a web directory, and would like to
include your website under the "bowling"



Fun for those of you who are tired of those
motivational/inspirational posters... check out
web site:


dear Matt,

i haven't
contributed and i'm unsure if i'm a hot chick that you've been
stalking. . .but i rely on your newsletter for my literary needs. i
bought On The Nature of Human Romantic Interaction by Karl Iagnemma
last summer because of the interview i read in Identity Theory. it
gives a clever and honest account of human nature and i owe the
pleasant experience of reading it to you. i thought i'd pledge my
support and admiration for your work to balance out the
unsubscribing emails that you've unfairly received. no one ever
realizes what they're missing. thank you.


Hey Matt Borondy -

I was just thinking recently about how I don't get nearly enough
Identity Theory Newsletters. The last one I got was that amazing
nirvana one, and that was, like, months ago.

I know that you don't really "know" me, and that I didn't
actually "contribute" any work to the site, and that, although in
some cultures/penitentiaries I am sure I would be considered a girl,
I am neither hot, nor are you stalking me. Even so, please keep me
on your mailing list. It has often been the only solid, reliable
entertainment I've gotten in a week.

Take care,




As an author of four books, I have greatly appreciated reading
your missives. While I have not contributed to the site, I have also
not sent you any rude -- or otherwise -- remarks. Further, I am not
a hot chick, although living in New York I have ready access to
numerous hot chicks and would be more than happy to point you in the
direction of those whom you can stalk.

Keep up the great work.


Dear Mr. Borondy,

Please keep sending me your newsletter...Your interviews are
consistently terrific. Rosie shows excellent literary taste, too,
taking so well to James Gleick.


I would like to resubscribe to the newsletter.
There's a slight possibility I may have already qualified,
as I am the guy who submitted the Snark vs. Snork thing. But I'm not
sure if a Backpage posting can be considered published content. I
mean, it's not like "Backpage on" gets the

My mom was impressed, though.

Marcus Smith


Dear Mr. Borondy,

I don't fit any of the "auto-subscribe" categories. I don't know
I haven't contributed anything to the site except, I'm
sure, some
little boyish yip of glee for you when you check then
number of hits
you're getting; and although I am a really hot
chick, I'm absolutely
sure you're not stalking me (that's
probably for the best, for both of
us). But I really do like
this newsletter, and I'm pretty sure I'll
like whatever you
decide to do with it in the future, so please put me
on the
exclusive list of absolute strangers who make writing it (or

anything) worth your while.


The Saga of Scukanec

I stumbled upon your web page of Tampa Bay
training camp photos
. I noticed theme of my brother, Jason
Scukanec. Funny.... Just thought Id drop you a line since Jason is
my younger brother and you seemed to have an interest in him,
comedic or otherwise.
Nicely done...

John Scukanec


definitely keep me on the list, Matt,
even though I fall into the B
category, it's been awhile so I
wanna make sure you keep me.
I love your newsletters. They are
fun, entertaining, funny and
informative. What more could a gurl
ask for?


hello matt 🙂

we've met before a while published my article on the
poet brentley frazer 🙂

i've developed a new website called poetic
creative partner poet andrew lundwall and i publish experimental
writing poetry and art as well as the poetry journal the "tin lustre
mobile" and the art and lit resource page "eye peasant"...

we'd be honored for a link on identity theory and would be happy
to add you to our creative alliance...a select network of
established internet community webzines...

please feel welcome to browse our home...

star 🙂


Hi, Matt.

I do like you. I like you a lot. But the thing of it is this: I
these online things that, for one reason or another, I
find brilliant, and
with all good intentions I sign up to get a
copy of whatever it is they're
dishing out. And for the first few
I don't know how many increments of time I read it, or visit it, or
do whatever is required of me, but then I get
busy with life and
the things just pile up, and I never get to them, and
then I
start to resent them because they remind me that I'm afraid

You're still in my favorites. I still like you. And you're
probably still on
the literary links section of my weblog that I
only very infrequently do
anything with. So, if that's any


That's when they would call me with an opening line like
"Tell me something interesting." or some other not-to-subtle line.


you mentioned spending time in austin,
perhaps your hives are caused by the cotton defoliant they spray
(can you say AGENT ORANGE?) i live in oklahoma and it has been
keeping me scratching like a dog...not a pleasant thought eh? love
your site, hope your hives heal soon.

good luck,


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"Matt Borondy" ""

******************* End of message *******************


I like browsing aimlessly as much as

In fact, most of the reading I find anymore comes from running
across and author or review on identitytheory. That said, it would
be nice (sometimes just occasionally) to be able to search for an
author or a book. As IT is acting, in some cases as my "cred filter"
for getting to the good stuff, it would be nice to be able to plug
in name, run a search and see what the ITers and it's readers have
to say about a given author or work.

Atomz has a pretty robust searching capability that can be
incorp9orated onto a site with pretty minimal hassle (see The
search yutility is in the far right column.

Just a "wouldn't it be cool if..." email. That's all and take


Subject: Call for support for Rachel

Dear Friends of Five Points,

You may have heard that Rachel Boim, a fourteen year old
freshman, was recently expelled from Roswell High School for writing
in her private journal a short story in which a teacher is shot.
Both David and Megan testified on Rachel's behalf during her
tribunal on October 24th.
Please refer to this link for articles
concerning Rachel's case:

On November 13 Fulton County's new School Superintendent Michael
Vanairsdale will decide Rachel's future. Please contact five
writers, writing groups and organizations asking them to email
letters of support for Rachel, and for each, in turn, to contact
five others ASAP. Vanairsdale's contact information below.

Rachel's expulsion, and David Bottom's involvement, have
unwittingly drawn national media attention to issues of free speech
and privacy. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, will have
their eyes on Atlanta November 13. We have an unprecedented
opportunity here to hopefully drag this school board and many of
this country's citizens into a first amendment reality check that's
long overdue. Rachel's world as she once knew it is irrevocable
changed . . .

Please send letters to:

Michael Vanairsdale
Superintendent of Fulton County
786 Cleveland Ave. SW
Atlanta, GA 30315


Mindfulness in Plain English

The purpose of meditation is not to concentrate on the breath,
without interruption, forever. That by itself would be a useless
goal. The purpose of meditation is not to achieve a perfectly still
and serene mind. Although a lovely state, it doesn't lead to
liberation by itself. The purpose of meditation is to achieve
uninterrupted mindfulness. Mindfulness, and only mindfulness,
produces Enlightenment.

Distractions come in all sizes, shapes and flavors. Buddhist
philosophy has organized them into categories. One of them is the
category of hindrances. They are called hindrances because they
block your development of both components of meditation, mindfulness
and concentration. A bit of caution on this term: the word
"hindrances" carries a negative connotation and indeed these are
states of mind we want to eradicate. That does not mean, however,
that they are to be repressed, avoided, or condemned.

Let's use greed as an example. We wish to avoid prolonging any
state of greed that arises, because a continuation of that state
leads to bondage and sorrow. That does not mean we try to toss the
thought out of the mind when it appears. We simply refuse to
encourage it to stay. We let it come, and we let it go.


here are some sites that i frequent:

-movie trailers:

-home made video games and movies:
forget about )

-can't get enough seanbaby

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From: "Matt Borondy"

To: Davey Lewis
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 10:18
Subject: davey boy

> hey i'm really bored. can you tell me where i can find
some good videos on
the web, like movie trailers or music videos
or whatever. right now i'm
watching coldplay videos on
it's pretty cool. but i want more.
more, i tell

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