One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…

Today South Africa became the first African nation to legalize same-sex marriage, recognizing the "voluntary union of two persons, which is solemnized and registered by either a marriage or civil union." Back on the other side of the Atlantic, Canada decided to reopen debate on the topic. Canada became the fourth country after the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium to recognize same-sex marriage when its House of Commons passed a federal bill legalizing same-sex marriage across Canada in June of 2005.

Here in the States, Mitt Romney, presidential wannabe and current governor of Massachusetts, filed a lawsuit to force the Massachusetts legislature to decisively vote on a proposed ballot initiative to end marriage equality. Gary Buseck, Legal Director for GLAD, says the lawsuit is without merit on the grounds that it "ironically tramples on the constitutional principle of the separation of powers, by seeking a court order to direct the Senate President to conduct a specific vote in a legislative body. The lawsuit also ignores the clear requirements of Massachusetts constitution. Does the Governor imagine winning a court victory? Surely not. But he certainly hopes to score political points on the national stage."

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