Notes on Emily Meg Weinstein’s "Noise" Essay

We have recently undergone a change in our nonfiction section, adding new editors such as Amy Lee Scott and Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich to the roster.

"Noise" by Emily Meg Weinstein was the first essay we've posted since the change, and I think it's an excellent start.

This essay was selected because of the author's writing style and voice, which our editors found "robust," "energetic," "thoughtful," and "sprawling (in a good way)." Alexandria was especially impressed by the essay's tone, which she said "balanced the essayistic/reflective and the very au courant." She also noted that she "would read anything that had that first line."

"Noise" was Emily's second published piece on Identity Theory; in 2005, she wrote an essay called "Apprehension, or size 6 knee-length empire-waist strapless in burnt sienna silk shantung with pomegranate bow band."

What do you think of "Noise"?

7 thoughts on “Notes on Emily Meg Weinstein’s "Noise" Essay”

  1. yeah noise sucks, but then again so did “candy”. good tone, it really made me feel like i was already living in the dystopia. nice use of pynchon as an adjective.

  2. windspirit_girl

    Excellent and thought-provoking. Interesting that I just rented “Batman” today, thinking of Heath Ledger and darkness, death, and addiction. I like the heroic act (stopping the noise–Clark Kent reference at the end) that gives a heroin-like “relief” that doesn’t take people away from their everyday lives (as a drug), but returns people their lives. Even if they don’t realize it.

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  4. it made me ALMOST cry when Steve came to the rescue and simply fixed this problem, making it seem so tiny the way the biggest problems seem to end up. great humor in the ending as well, keeping me from crying so early in the morning, thanks

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