"No" to AWP, "Yes" to Chris Bohjalian

No, Identity Theory is not attending AWP this year. We have never, ever attended AWP. 2009 seemed like a good year for that to change, but the combination of Chicago + Winter + Valentine's Day did not exactly motivate us to endure the trials and tribulations of flying tiny regional jets.

So, more power to you, Monkeybicycle. Way to go, Art Spiegelman.

Maybe we'll catch you next year if you move the conference to Havana, which should be quite the hot spot by then. (Actually, Denver in April seems pretty feasible...)

One literary event we did attend was the launch of Chris Bohjalian's new Skeletons at the Feast book tour in South Burlington last night.

A summary: he hates all of his old books but absolutely loves his new one--though apparently not enough to actually read from it.

For more in-depth coverage of his new book, Bohjalian fans can listen to his Vermont Public Radio interview online.

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