Our New Advice Column: Dear Corgi

Corgi with book

We are starting an advice column.

You can ask the dog for help with your problems.

Ask the corgi anything you want.

Questions about writing. Questions about how to live better, faster, longer, and/or stronger. Questions about how to deal with anger about the apocalyptic direction of society. Questions about what to eat in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep and need to read three more slush pile fiction submissions to an online literary magazine.

You know, stuff everyone has to deal with.

Contribute Your Question to Our Advice Column

The corgi’s got answers for your life's problems. They may not be the right answers, but they will be answers.

You can email him your questions. Send them to dearcorgi@identitytheory.com.

Since very few people are interested in making major life decisions based on the input of a corgi,* we will read all letters and hope to be able to respond to most (or all) of your questions.

*This statement has not been evaluated for statistical accuracy.

This is your chance to find the answers you didn't even know you were looking for.

Your new lease on life starts today. It starts with advice from a corgi.*

*The corgi will be speaking his wisdom through a variety of humans. The humans may not interpret his answers with 100% accuracy. We'll do our best.

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