More Staff Readings: December 2006

I just finished We Need to Talk about Kevin, by Lionel Shriver, and I re-read Lake Wobegon Days on the flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Now I'm on to Anne Tyler's Digging to America and Tony Judt's Postwar: A History of Europe since 1945.

-Summer Block

Heidi Julavits' new one, The Uses of Enchantment

Faulkner's Light in August, which I've had and not read for so long that the bottom edges of the pages have soaked up the wood stain from my bookshelf.

And then an excellent poetry anthology by some New England folks I know: The Powow River Poets Anthology.

-Andrew Whitacre

Carry Me Across the Water - Ethan Canin
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - John Safran Foer
Micro Fiction - Edited by Jerome Stern
Ravens in Winter - Bernd Heinrich

-Drew McNaughton

everything by Amos Tutuola
everything by Daniel Pinchbeck
Remainder by Tom McCarthy

-Ross Simonini

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