Monday’s Margins: The Power of Introverts, Nabokov, Writers’ Doubt

A TED talk by Susan Cain on "The Power of Introverts."

Cain is the author of a book on this topic, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking


"When Vladimir Nabokov started teaching Russian literature at Wellesley College in 1944, he was frustrated by the lack of an adequate literal translation of Eugene Onegin, which he referred to as 'the first and fundamental Russian novel.'" (The Paris Review)


"When we as writers doubt our own work, it's because we realize that it is not yet where we want it to be." -From Writers: Doubting Your Work is an Excellent Sign (Glimmer Train, via Jane Friedman)


"Reading (and writing) about music is like dancing to architecture." -Robert Birnbaum on Kent Hartman's The Wrecking Crew (Our Man in Boston)

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