Monday’s Margins: The I’m So Tired from BEA I Don’t Know What I’m Typing Version

I got back today from a wonderful weekend at Book Expo America, held this year at the Javits Center in New York City. In honor of that, I present you with links to mostly Book Expo stuff, and some literary news. Watch my own blog for a more personalized recap in the next couple of days:

David Varno talks about the Book Reviews 2010 panel over at Critical Mass. The highlight of attending was getting to meet the very smart Bethanne Patrick, otherwise known as thebookmaven on Twitter.

Over at Baby Got Books, Russ Marshalek provided some of the funniest BEA updates. Really. Go look.

SPEAKING of Russ Marshalek, there was this massive gathering known as a tweetup where a bunch of tweeps met and drank Michiko Kakutinis and other wild literary concoctions. I was supposed to be there, but sadly didn't make it in time. You can read all the juicy details at Jacket Copy.

Congratulations to John Freeman. It was announced on Granta's website on Thursday that he is now Acting Editor of the magazine.

A new book has just been published by Bellevue Literary Press (the same folks who published Tinkers by Paul Harding). A.N. Devers brought it to my attention. It's called The Jump Artist and it's by Austin Ratner. Publishers Weekly named it one of the ten promising debut novels of 2009. It sounded so good that I immediately walked over to Three Lives & Company Bookstore (hands down one of the most jaw-dropping indie bookstores you will ever see) and bought a copy.

An article on re-reading in The New York Times. (via @curiousmartha).

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