Monday’s Margins: Shepard Fairey, 2666, Kindle

n+1 on Shepard Fairey, creator of Obama "Hope" poster: "The problem that Shephard (sic) Fairey presents also leads to a fear: that he may be, in fact, the perfect portraitist to render Obama. The purveyor of radical aesthetics is rendering the visage of radical hope--neither of whom is very radical."

Robert Birnbaum writes: "This is a propitious time to celebrate and re-view the (arguably) most significant photography monograph since the Second World War, Robert Frank's The Americans."

The New Republic reviews Roberto Bolano's 2666: "A young man can still get up in a Mexico City bookstore and declare war on the literary establishment."

Maud Newton's "Portrait of My Father" at Granta: "Exactly how long the prostitute, unbeknownst to my father, stayed at our house and slept in my bed is hard to gauge."

And finally, if I hear one more mention of Kindle 2 this afternoon my head is going to asplode.

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