Monday’s Margins: Random House’s biggest first printing EVER, lost works, a famous poet’s kitchen, and joyful geek humor!

Random House has announced their largest first print run in the history of the company for--you guessed it--Dan Brown's next book, set to be released on September 15th of this year. The new book is called "The Lost Symbol" and the narrative is set over the course of twelve hours.

In honor of Shakespeare's birthday on the 23rd of April, I present you with a fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal called "Longing for Great Lost Works". I never realized this tidbit of information: "Like most dramatists of the period, Shakespeare didn't care about his plays after their performances, made no effort to publish them and received no money from their publication." (Via Bookninja)

Ever wonder what Edna St. Vincent Millay's kitchen looked like? See a slideshow here. (Via The Book Bench)

Comic geeks will rejoice at this hysterical video that I came across thanks to @bookavore on Twitter: [redacted]

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