Monday’s Margins: Immerse Yourself in Small Fates, Sweet Nothings, Ways to Swim

Vintage Underwater Photo Man looking through window at woman on lawn chair

Catherine Campbell has been helping us with editing. You should read her PANK story "Ways to Swim."

Teju Cole draws on newspaper items for his series of "Small Fates" Tweets.

Gregory Lawless speaks with Nate Pritts about his new poetry collection, Sweet Nothings.

David Foster Wallace Writes to Don DeLillo.

This new nonfiction contest isn't underground, it's underwater: Immerse Yourself, Briefly

The Rumpus Poem of the Day is “I May Have Made Something Up” by Jennifer Perrine.

Happy Birthday, Charles Baudelaire, wherever you are.

Tom Bissell tells Salon that literary and artistic success have always been a matter of luck.

Longtime friend of Identity Theory Katy Lederer reviews Ted Heller's online poker novel Pocket Kings in the N.Y. Times.

Feel free to leave your poetry here on the way out.

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