Monday’s Margins: Francisco Goldman and "Say Her Name"

Everybody's talking about the new Francisco Goldman novel.

As Michele Filgate Tweeted, "So happy to see all the Twitter love for Francisco Goldman's SAY HER NAME. Everyone should read SHN. It's extraordinarily good."

We found an excerpt from Say Her Name, which begins: "Aura died on July 25, 2007. I went back to Mexico for the first anniversary because I wanted to be where it had happened, at that beach on the Pacific coast. Now, for the second time in a year, I'd come home again to Brooklyn without her."

Goldman also appeared on The New York Times Book Review Podcast.

And his name popped up in our recent in-flight reading: "A Murder Foretold: Unravelling the Ultimate Political Conspiracy" (from The New Yorker)

We even published an interview with Goldman. (Okay, that was in 2004, but still.)

Totally unrelated...

This week's most-read Twitter link from @identitytheory: Closing Borders Store Tells Customers Where To Find A Restroom

Instant Karma, coming in 2012: Little, Brown to publish John Lennon's letters.

I'm just going to leave this here: Photos of Famous Writers and Their Dogs

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