Monday’s Margins: Fast Machine Apocalypses and Stephen King’s Talking Head

“You could say these stories are meant to shock, but we all know that we live in an unshockable age.” –The Internet is the Machine, a review of Elizabeth Ellen’s Fast Machine

A Conversation: “Cataclysm Baby” Author Matt Bell On Apocalypses, Fairy Tales, And Much More

Another Conversation: Jonathan Lethem on the Talking Heads’ Fear of Music

And Another: Neil Gaiman interviews Stephen King.

E.L. Doctorow’s contribution to the N.Y. Times‘ “Writers of the World: Looking at America” series: “Unexceptionalism: A Primer”

And then there’s this Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich meme.

Finally, if you have a few extra hours a week to spend manipulating words, you should apply for one of our updated editorial staff openings.

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