Monday’s Margins: Fast Machine Apocalypses and Stephen King’s Talking Head

"You could say these stories are meant to shock, but we all know that we live in an unshockable age." -The Internet is the Machine, a review of Elizabeth Ellen's Fast Machine

A Conversation: “Cataclysm Baby” Author Matt Bell On Apocalypses, Fairy Tales, And Much More

Another Conversation: Jonathan Lethem on the Talking Heads' Fear of Music

And Another: Neil Gaiman interviews Stephen King.

E.L. Doctorow's contribution to the N.Y. Times' "Writers of the World: Looking at America" series: "Unexceptionalism: A Primer"

And then there's this Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich meme.

Finally, if you have a few extra hours a week to spend manipulating words, you should apply for one of our updated editorial staff openings.

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