Midnight Picnic

Midnight Picnic by Nick Antosca (a book trailer) from brothercyst on Vimeo.

Just finished Midnight Picnic by Nick Antosca (my review forthcoming at PopMatters.com) -- in the middle of Walt Disney: Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler (fascinating tale about one ambitious fellow...unfortunately, the story's often about business, with many numbers crunched) -- just read Pinter's The Homecoming: what an odd little tale told in beautiful language; favorite line: "You'll drown in your own blood"...how's that for assonance -- just finished reviewing Scorsese by Ebert (pub. TBD) -- all this within a boatload of reading for my graduate course in the History of Childhood: the latest, Children and Childhood in Western Society by Hugh Cunningham -- also going through Flashback: a Brief History of Film by Gianetti and Eyman with my Honors Sem. in Film Crit. at Rutgers-Camden, and am about to teach Fast Food Nation to my freshmen at Camden County College (day job).

-Matt Sorrento, film editor

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