Michelle Obama: Fist-Bumping Radical to Mom-in-Chief in One Year

michelle obama 721641"A supersmart black woman who's also fashionable and fit -- terrifying."
-Kate Pollitt, The Nation--

Today, Michelle Obama was again the topic of conversation in media outlets globally. Her successful trip abroad and her fantastic style have made the media experience what Pollitt classifies as major whiplash ("from fist-bumping to mom-in-chief"). Though she celebrates Obama's reception as the epitome of the twentieth-century woman, comprised of massive style and equal (I'd argue surpassing) substance, she wonders:

"Still, there's something depressing about the joy and relief with which the high-end media have greeted Michelle's makeover from accomplished professional and outspoken social critic to new-traditionalist homebody. They're not only not ready for Hillary Clinton, they're apparently not even ready for Eleanor Roosevelt."

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