Media That Matters

"We no longer have to rely on major corporations for things to be seen -- we have Media that Matters to distribute new material and new voices and new points of view."
-Tim Robbins, Actor-

Sick of mainstream media? Check out Media That Matters, a premier showcase for short films on the most important topics of the day. "Local and global, online and in communities around the world, Media That Matters engages diverse audiences and inspires them to take action." Documentaries, music videos, animations and more -- you can look through an archive of films, segmented by topic. For example, films about media itself include explorations of media messages, post-Katrina New Orleans, the African Underground among others.

Here's what Chris Rock had to say about the organization: "Being raised in Brooklyn means you know something about social issues. For me, Media That Matters is one of the festivals that keeps our focus on how to make our communities better and stronger and smarter."
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