Makes Me Sick

"Moore is laying out facts. The industries that profit so hugely from our illnesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, public relations and lobbying to 'tell their side of the story.' One month's expenditure by the insurance industry for those activities substantially exceeds the cost of making 'Sicko.' And Moore doesn't own a single member of Congress; they've bought dozens."
-James Clay Fuller-

In "Sicko: Commenting on commentaries", Fuller tears apart the critics who are attempting to tear apart Moore's latest film. Over at Daily Kos, they're wondering what would happen if media star journalists, such as CNN star Dr. Sanjay Gupta, spent more time investigating our health care crisis than analyzing Paris Hilton's prison adventures:

"Sanjay Gupta is a media super-star on America's premier cable news network. We know he is both courageous and not easily politically intimidated. His reporting from Iraq and New Orleans demonstrated that. He's tackled many aspects of healthcare and science on his regular program, House Call is one of the best CNN has to offer in my view. So one has to wonder: If non-doctor, film-maker Michael Moore can raise awareness of what Gupta agrees is an important issue, doesn't it make sense that the best known medical doctor/journalist in America could too?"

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