Love in the Time of Collapse

Photo by Chris Linnett on Unsplash

When we finally meet it’s almost too real the way you look at me and the twitch of your smile all of these things I never imagined over the phone but your voice is the same that warm rich dark velvet and here is your home and your bed and your paintings and here is your dog with her blue blue eyes and here are our mouths caressing each other devouring each other almost no trace left in my mind of the man I once thought I would marry or the man before him just you your pulse in your throat where I press my lips tasting your skin and the salt of you and my heart is beating wings in my chest and my head is full of stars


Supply chains buckling now and everything getting harder to find no more coffee no more chocolate no more bananas no more dog with her blue eyes and every rainy season we think our house will be swept away but even all these waters can’t drown the fires in California in Indonesia in Greece and they’re moving towards us crackling flames black with heat still it’s not enough to erase the memory of your hands on my body yesterday in the kitchen your heat melting into mine our bodies like two fragments coming together and today the last of the polar ice cap is gone I can’t believe my parents ever thought I might have children and when we look out the window I can’t see the world that we were promised all I can see is an expanse of dust and metal and plastic and somewhere out there the place where our future skeletons will lie holding each other forever under the cruel white eye of the sun

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