Lost and Found: Tale of a Ship’s Manifest (1928)

Yellow chain on wall

IMPORTANT NOTICE—1. Great care should be taken not to place on this list the name of any passenger who was not born in the United States or who has not taken out final naturalization papers.

Yellow chain and rusty metal

IMPORTANT NOTICE—2. Where one or more members of the family are aliens, the names of all such aliens should be recorded on the alien manifest. Suitable notation should be made upon such manifest opposite the names of those members who claim citizenship.

A few pieces of yellow chains and tired marks

IMPORTANT NOTICE—3. Failure to observe the terms of this notice may result in delay of passengers at the port of arrival.

Yellow chains and tracks

IMPORTANT NOTICE—4. List on this form only United States citizens or citizens of an insular possession of the United States.

One broken yellow chain piece

IN PROPRIA PERSONA. 11 [of 17 passengers, soon-to-be laborers]. Noveno | Benito | 21 years | Single | Male |Born in Luna, La Union, P.I. on April 27, 1907.

Broken chain link and concrete

PRO TEMPORE. [His first recorded] Address in United States: P.O. Box #326, SEATTLE, WASH.

Single broken chain link and blue sky

CAVEAT. The United States of America offers citizens of insular possessions education (not free) and employment (i.e., labor on fields and in canneries). They must endure racism and rejection, stave off isolation and loneliness, relying on their communities and unions like the bow and stern of their dreams while clinging to the fraught promises of this country.

"List of United States Citizens on the S.S. President Pierce sailing from Manila, P.I., August 21, 1928, Arriving at Port of Seattle, September 10, 1928." Ancestry, https://www.ancestry.com/search/categories/img_passlists/?name=benito_noveno


All photos (The Journey of Broken Yellow Chains) and italicized text by Nita Noveno

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