Long Live Photojournalism: Call for Submissions from the Visuals Section

The New York Times recently proclaimed the death of photojournalism.

While we have a high regard and respect for the Times, we’d like to prove them wrong and show that photojournalism is in fact alive and well. But we need your help! Alexandra and Amanda, editors of the Visuals Page, want to find the best new photojournalism out there. Do you walk around armed with a camera capturing scenes the world must see? Send us your submissions! Do you have a friend or acquaintance with talent? Send us names and contact info! Have you seen some fantastic work and want to tell someone all about it? Tell us!

We’ll select 4-6 photographers to feature, along with interviews and images.

You can send all submissions or suggestions to Alexandra at tursita@identitytheory.com. Please send 1-3 images of work. Include contact info and a brief blurb about yourself. Deadline is November 1, 2009. Thank you!

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