Life is a short story.

Warren Adler, author of The War of The Roses and like 25 other books, has released two new works: New York Echoes (short stories) and Funny Boys (a novel).

He's probably not too enthused about my mentioning his books, considering this statement from his website:

There is no escape. We are drowning in words. The blogs are fogging up the world. They are everywhere, in text, sound and video, a whirling dervish of yak yak, an endless buffet of opinions, hawking concepts, beliefs, convictions, perceptions, speculations. Nothing goes unsaid or unwritten. Silence has been defeated by technology. Reflection has given way to immediacy. Say or write everything on your mind. Edit nothing. We have become a world of monologists.

"No escape." "Drowning." "Everywhere." "Endless." "Nothing." "Everything." "Nothing." "A world of ____." I've not read any of this man's books, but he sure has a flair for the general and the dramatic.

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