Leonard Cohen’s "Live in London"

It seems fitting to launch the Identity Theory music blog with news about Leonard Cohen.

This week, our Canadian Zen Buddhist folk hero/poet released 'Live In London', a collection of 25 songs from his July 2008 performance at London's O2 Arena.

While Live in London is available as a 2-CD set and as a DVD, the Montreal Gazette recommends the latter:

"The DVD version of the concert includes the song lyrics, but otherwise offers no extra material. With its fine camerawork and superior sound, however, it's the more satisfying experience. Where else, for example, could you catch such a perfect guaranteed-smile moment as Cohen breaking into a little two-step shuffle after singing 'There’ll be fires on the road and the white man dancing' in The Future?"

You can listen to the streaming CD version online for free here. (Via LHB).

If the CDs or DVD don't satisfy your urge to see L. Cohen's live act, you can try to catch him on his current world tour, where perhaps you will be able to dance him to the end of love.

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