Konundrum Engine Literary Review

Matt and Robert,
Just wanted to let you guys know about the Konundrum Engine Literary
Review, an online journal of fiction, poetry and more. We have featured:
+Fiction by Lee Klein, Paul Toth, David Barringer, and Stephen Dixon
+Poetry by Jon Woodward, Zoe Landale and Oni Buchanan
+Interview with Steve Almond, Matthew Derby, and TC Boyle on favorite

Check us out at http://lit.konundrum.com

We expect to have new content every week or two, so don't be a stranger.
Bookmark us. Chant our name three times before you go to sleep.
To make sure we have something for everyone to read, we are also
accepting new submissions.

And, yes, please spread the word.

Pitchaya Sudbanthad
Editor-in-Chief & Fiction Editor

KC Trommer
Poetry Editor

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