“Katherine Powers is one really good reason to wade through the sales circulars” –Oct. 10, 2002

As I have noted before, Katherine Powers is one reallygood reason to wade through the sales circulars and other evidenceof useless deforestation in our local paper of record on Sundays.Somewhere along the line the powers-that-be at the Globestumbled on the good sense idea of having Powers in every Sunday.Hurrah, I say. In any case, reading her piece today I thought hercorrections are more interesting than many writers’ texts.To whit:

CORRECTION: Who knows what dark force clouded myintellect, unstrung my reason, and unratcheted the very cogwheelof memory two weeks ago, and thus caused me to imply that S. J.Perelman's diaries have been published. They haven't. The same blastingpower (that leaves nothing wholesome in its wake, only the ashesand smashed cinders of thought) is also behind my failing to notethat there is an affordable abridgment of Arthur Inman's diariesavailable, entitled ''From a Darkened Room: The Inman Diary'' (HarvardUniversity, paperback, $17.95). Unburdened now of these terriblesecrets, I can at last find rest.

I was left half hoping she would make more errors…

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