Joe Quirk and the Evolutionary Psychology of Hang Gliding

Here's an interview I just did with Joe Quirk, novelist, popular science writer, and hang-glider. I still wonder if there isn't some kind of contradiction in being an expert on evolutionary psychology who also hang glides?

In his nonfiction, Quirk tells you everything you need to know about sex, in punchy style, e.g.

"Let's define love biologically: love is when your genes kick your ass.”

In his novel Exult, Quirk does for hang gliding what Hemingway did for bullfighting or Saint-Exupéry for early aviation. For the duration of this book, Quirk will convince you that hang gliding is the only subject vital and intense enough for literary fiction. Exult is also about the difference between men and women, and full of such painful flashes of insight as the following:

"She didn't mention the sex. All she mentioned was the listening. Why can't I remember what she said?”

Exult will soon be out in paperback and is already available as an e-book, which increasingly seems to be the distribution mode of choice this summer...

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