Jesus’ Son

I was psyched to find that my local used bookstore finally put a copy of Jesus' Son (by Denis Johnson) on the racks. I'd read it before (as well as seen the movie starring Billy Crudup) but didn't own it until it was recently made available to me for a few schekels.

Here's a quote:

"Down the hall came the wife. She was glorious, burning. She didn't know yet that her husband was dead. We knew. That's what gave her such power over us. The doctor took her into a room with a desk at the end of the hall, and from under the closed door a slab of brilliance radiated as if, by some stupendous process, diamonds were being incinerated in there. What a pair of lungs! She shrieked as I imagined an eagle would shriek. It felt wonderful to be alive to hear it! I've gone looking for that feeling everywhere."

Denis Johnson is to literature what Lou Reed is to music.

-Matt Borondy

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