January Staff Reading: Addendum

More IDT staffers chime in with their January reading lists...

Mara Naselli: My reading life is chaos. There are books everywhere around the apartment, stacked, splayed open, or just scattered about. I'm reading Feasts and Riot for a freelance project I'm working on, and have at some time or another opened Tattooed Girl by Joyce Carol Oates, the collected works of Isaac Babel, and some books on suburban architecture and planning.

Summer Block: I don't remember if I already recommended these two excellent nonfiction books, but if not, I just finished A.N. Wilson's The Victorians and After the Victorians: The World Our Parents Knew. Both absolutely great and very fun reads.

Jesslyn Roebuck: I'm reading The Moviegoer by Walker Percy, The Best American NonRequired Reading (ed. Dave Eggers, and intro by Sufjan Stevens, and I just finished The Kite Runner and The Sound and the Fury.

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