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Napoleon reportedly said the time of greatest danger was the moment immediately after victory.

They used to have posters in the U.K. saying THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES OF LIFE ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS, on which a graffiti artist commented, The last five can be pretty hairy too.

“If you're keeping a dozen balls in the air, the moment you drop the first one is when you're in most danger of dropping the others.” I don't know if that's true either, or where it comes from... aphorisms about danger are probably designed to mess with your head. Enough.

Danger is the theme of tonight's (Thursday January 21st, 6.30 - 8.30 pm, at Cafe Royale) InsideStorytime. About tonight's readers:

Lee Konstantinou is the author of the satirical novel Pop Apocalypse, and is
also at work on a book on the problem of irony in postwar U.S. literature. Which, like, who even knew it was a problem?

Sophie Littlefield is the author of the crime novel A Bad Day for Sorry.

Mary Stein is the author of The Gift of Danger, an aikido journey.

Luke Heyerman is the author of novel-in-progress Euthanize my Love.

Saqib Mausoof is a writer and film director who looks pretty dangerous in his website photo.

The MC tonight will be Ransom Stephens, author of The God Patent. Say you heard about the event through this blog and we waive the customary $3-$5 cover charge.

Okay and one more aphorism. “In counsel it is good to see dangers; but in execution not to see them unless they be very great.” -- Francis Bacon

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