InsideStorytime BREAKDOWN

Some tax day humor from Nathaniel Missildine.

For the breakdown on book publishing in 2009, see this Huffington Post article on the latest report from Bowker. Fiction's 2009 decline prevented overall growth in production, yada yada yada. Huge growth in on-demand web-marketed titles, you know the drill.

Back to San Francisco, city of many readings! Tonight (Thursday April 15th, 6.30 - 8.30 pm) I will be MCing InsideStorytime BREAKDOWN at Cafe Royale. Tonight's readers:

Paul R. Linde, author of Danger to Self, an emergency room psychiatrist memoir that attempts to make sense of a world few people see or want to see.

Shanthi Sekaran, described by “The New York Times” as a master of cadence, author of the novel The Prayer Room.

Anne Marino, author of the novel The Collapsible World, described by Publishers Weekly as a “satisfying coming-of-age tale.”

Genine Lentine, author of Mr. Worthington's Beautiful Experiments on Splashes. Mark Doty has remarked that "her wry, astonished, aching voice is a fresh presence in American poetry."

Also reading will be writer-about-town Ethan Michaels. Tell us you heard about the event from this blog and we waive the customary $3 to $5 sliding scale cover charge.

We've all seen a lot of breakdowns, economic, marital, mental. But treat your breakdowns as shakedowns, and you'll always feel vibrant -- and if that isn't enough bad advice for you, try driving on the wrong side of the road afterwards to the Renowned Comedians Give Bad Advice event, brought to you by the JCC, Litquake, and “The Believer.”

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