How We Celebrate the Fourth of July

"'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,' says the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Unless, of course, you are a friend of the president."
-Amy Goodman-

In "The High Cost of Libby's Silence," Goodman explores why commutation is worse, for the cause of justice, than a pardon. As blogger Marcy Wheeler tells her: "With a commutation, Scooter Libby retains his Fifth Amendment rights." Meaning? If a member of Congress were to call a hearing, Scooter could take the Fifth, protecting himself against self-incrimination by remaining silent, whereas, had he been pardoned and completely cleared of any wrongdoing, "then he would have a harder time refusing to answer questions. Libby's continued silence protects Bush and Cheney."

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