How do we get home from here?

Nothing like the brochure

                            A fine azure font

                            of jet stream                                   not even a cloud

                            the reliability of air pocket turns wind shear

Sorry? So? Ha!

                           Grammars of aerodynamics err.

Of this sure you can be.

             Of this control I have full.

                                        This to the you can take bank.

(The fickle foible of these acts of God:             1.  Navigator chokes;

                                                                       2.  Pilot reneges;

                                                                       3.  Luck of the Hindenburg;

                                                                       4.  Oops

40,000 feet of unparalleled rejoinders:  Look  Those clouds



This will be a perfect landing.  The skies are clear.  There will be no delay. Bing Bing

Fasten your seatbelts.

              In the unlikely event of unforeseen-ness

what you can’t foresee can’t hurt you but for now poked in the eye

of the storm, we hover.



             plummet condescension dense

             as girders aghast


             of envelope

Gravity pressurized his hiss grows thicker quick kick to the abs

             of steel I tried to be good—never stole

Hillside of a mountain mound of confetti ending endemic

              in the Andes and I

love you and we were not meant to fly

              upon such fragile

              fatalistic wings in such a season

              of gust

We were not agile

to soar these windy reasons of flings

              fatal seal

              rent upon slings so sly the sunny

              sky repealed                   replied I love you not enough enough not enough


to have to hold the emptiness

of this still seeping vessel

to earth’s equal

               and opposite embrace

Survivor surfaces                                                   white sterility


               ion of ache

               neck brace




Where am?

Where is?

Be still.

I fear this fragile flask, the improbability of the predictable                         lottery of landing

No choice in the cabin, we heal

                            Helium dirigible (prick)

We frequently fall




If you tell me one more time I’m not important enough for this calamity...

                                                                          I will burst.

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