“Horses” by Grand Hallway: Song of the Month, September 2013

"Horses" by Grand Hallway is our song of the month for September. Grand Hallway's Tomo Nakayama sings "Horses" in Lynn Shelton’s new film Touchy Feely. Here's the N.Y. Times on Nakayama and Touchy Feely:

The most compelling moment is a musical interlude in which Jenny and Paul attend a performance by Tomo Nakayama, the lead singer of the Seattle band Grand Hallway. Delivered by Mr. Nakayama in a plaintive cry as he accompanies himself on guitar, his ballad “Horses” distills the inchoate longings of these likable characters more effectively than any spoken words. “Is it a blessing or a curse to be found?” the lyrics wonder. “Is it a burden or a gift to be bound?”

Visit Grand Hallway on Bandcamp.

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